Ruth Killoran

The first aftershock I felt was when driving the rental car through the battered streets around Christchurch’s centre. The centre itself is still considered a ‘red zone’ and inaccessible, but the effects of the 22nd of February are visible all around the city. I considered it a personal mission to find talent even though art-centres are closed and many people, including artists, have sought a new place to live. After some research I found what I was looking for even closer to the epic centre. Ruth Killoran only recently started working as an artist, but her talent is unquestionable. Originally being from the UK (Liverpool), Ruth started her work 5 years ago on arrival in New Zealand. Her stone-carvings where always prepared by drawings, which inspired her to extend her creative expressions on paper as well. The result is impressive. Ruth was lucky not to suffer more than material damage, but the quakes obviously are cause for a lot of stress and a decrease in income. I thus hope that this video and the photo’s will be cause for some renewed interest in this ‘light-weavers’ extraordinary work!

YouTube Preview Image

The musical performance was made in Te Whakarewarewa Thermal Valley in Rotorua on the Northern Island. See Te Puia for more!

Ruth cuts the stone-blocks out herself and has them for sale for other sculpturists. Her paint-artwork will be displayed on an exhibition shortly, so be quick! Reply to the newsletter or contact me for more details!

Below are the ones that are currently for sale (prices do not include shipping):

1. Voyage to the Islands 1250 NZD (1 NZD = € 0,57 = 0,81 USD) (SOLD)
2. ‘Encroachment’ – 65cm x 88cm framed, behind glass 875 NZD
3. Amongst The Chaos 750 NZD (SOLD)
4. ‘River Valley’ – 80cm x 100cm framed, behind glass 1800 NZD
5. ‘Bird chorus’ – 50cm x 65cm framed, behind glass  800 NZD
6. ‘Feathervescent’ – 50cm x 64cm framed, behind glass 900 NZD
7. ‘Forest Melody’ – 50cm x 65cm framed, behind glass 600 NZD
8. ‘Autumn Feast’ – 78cm x 64cm framed, behind glass 750 NZD
9. ‘Bird Watch’ – 65cm x 50cm framed, behind glass 500 NZD

1. Voyage to the Islands
2. Encroachmen
3. Amongst The Chaos
4. River Valley
5. Bird Chorus
6. Feathervescent
7. Forest Melody
8. Autumn Feast
9. Bird Watch