Gijs van Dalfsen

Tomorrow it finally comes. The day of my departure and the official start of the Global Trade Project. The experiment to which I have committed myself for this coming year: giving talented artists around the world a stage to show and sell their work to a global audience.

The last months have been intense, with a lot of technical preparations (especially making this website, integrating paypal and iDeal and figuring out how to make video’s), learning about the various tax rules, sharing my thoughts and getting feedback from a lot of interesting people. And of course their was the testcase of Bjørgulvs Munnharpe, who, I am proud to say, actually sold a munnharpe through the Global Trade Project.

Gijs van Dalfsen gets an honourable mention because he was the first customer of the Global Trade Project. He saw the video of Bjørgulv and decided that the instrument could be an interesting addition to his band: ‘No Guts No Glory’. Bjørgulv even carved the band initials (NGNG) in his munnharpe. Since I was still in Holland I went to visit Gijs in his home, where he showed me how extremely fast he got the munnharpe under the knee (as we say in Dutch). Some more practice and the band can add this special instrument to their (already impressive) repertoire!

YouTube Preview Image

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for my world-trip in search for talented artists and both for them as for me, No Guts No Glory is the name of the game!