This last week I have been bussing down half of South America from Colombia to South Peru. Three nightbusses in a row brought me from Quito to Cuzco, where I am still trying to adjust to the hight. It’s only suitable therefore that this time I made a video of talent based in Otavalo (Ecuador), but with a Peruvian background and art that is partially Peruvian and Ecuadorian. Meet Carlos and his brother Federico. The two are part of a Peruvian family of artists. Together with some art-friends from Otavalo, they show their work in their art gallery Quipus and on the Otavalian artisania market. 16 years of living in Otavalo and even more years of experience in painting makes for beautiful art, mostly for a cheap price!

Check out the video and see for yourself!

YouTube Preview Image

Music by Mauricio Ruales from Quito (el condor pasa)

The GTP and Carlos stand in close contact and multiple paintings have already been sold through the project!

The prices below include shipping. Individual paintings can be send to different parts of the world. Any added taxes at the border are not included in the price, but for most countries these do not apply. Paintings come without a frame.

70 x 105 = € 259,- ($370,-) water-colour/aquarel
90 x 120 = € 259,- ($370,-) oil
70 x 160 = € 259,- ($370,-) oil
50 x 70 = € 92,- ($131,-) oil
40 x 80 = € 92,- ($131,-) oil
30 x 50 = € 57,- ($82,-) water-colour/aquarel
30 x 50 = € 57,- ($82,-) oil

More pictures of art from Quipus can be found here. To place an order, contact the GTP and specify which painting you would like to have either by mentioning the exact time a painting is visible in the video, or by mentioning the name of the image (you can see the image name by hovering over the images with your mouse).

Oil 50x70 - Quito
Oil 70x160
water-colour 30x50
water-colour 30x50
water-colour 30x50
Examples with 90 x 120 and 70 x 160