Dawn of a new Project - Borobudur, Java

It is starting. For months I have been thinking about a way to combine my passions, ambitions and ideals in a single project. I have bored family, friends, friends of friends, colleagues, random people and random people talking to random people with some form of what has now become the Global Trade Project. Now the blog has been set up proparly, it is time to start blogging!

In this blog a variety of topics related to the project will be discussed. It is important that this is done properly, because if my thesis is correct, everybody could Travel to Trade. Of course it is not my intention to be boring or be stuck in a tunnelvision regarding this project. Therefore, a number of other inspiring projects that are all about fair trade or contribute to a better world will also be discussed here. You are welcome to share your opinion or any other note in the comments below. Or you can contact me directly with interesting tips for other fairtrade initiatives, beautiful arts/handicrafts along the route or link me to people I really should meet.

Updates for this blog will not be send to you, unless you subscribe to the RSS feed (see social buttons above), or follow me on twitter. Subscribing to the newsletter will greatly help my efforts, as you will recieve an update on the precise moment that a new artist is presented. The more people viewing the video in the short timespan that the product can be purchased, the more chance an artist can sell his/her product. Of course, I don’t expect huge numbers of people buying the products, rather, every follower is a potential ambassador for the presented artists. You can rest assured that I won’t misuse your details for any other reason then notifying you of updates of the project.

For now: take a look at the website, share your thoughts, sign-up for the newsletter and follow me on twitter. Without you, this project is a blank page in the history of fairtrade and social media (not to mention it would be a bummer).