Utzil - doll workshop

For Christmas I prepared something special. Unfortunately the restaurant in El Salvador where I had my Christmas-dinner did the same. Let’s say I’ve never spent so much time in such a small compartment around this time of year before.

However, I’m feeling on the up again, and I would like to promote this special place in Quetzaltenango (Xela). Like my idea for launching this video, Utzil originally also started with the goal to make Christmas more special: with Christmas dolls. Slowly however, it evolved in something based more on the typical Guatemalan culture.

Now, 33 years later, we are welcomed in the workshop to see how Utzil keeps the typical Guatemalan cultural clothing alive forever by making beautiful handmade dolls.

YouTube Preview Image

Utzil is not only special because of the typical dolls that are made there. When I was at the workshop, it felt like a tight group of people that take care of each other. Prices will follow shortly (as communication is difficult when gripping to the side of a toilet seat).

Update: you can now get in contact with Utzil directly via their new website! Check it out at www.creacionesutzil.com/

Merry Christmas!