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Name: Elmar Haker | Born: 1983 | Nationality: Dutch

One of the most asked questions about my project is what I have going with art and handicraft. Very little actually. I have studied Human Geography and as such, I am mostly interested in social differences between areas of the world. My primary interest is travelling, exploring and experiencing other cultures and meeting people with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Why then, did I come up with this plan? Because I really believe that talent has to be discovered. If someone has a certain skill or talent, that person should have just as much opportunities to become well known and profit from his/her work as any other person anywhere in the world.

An important reason for this project for me, besides that I love travelling, is helping people to have a fair chance in life. Borders are cruel and a lot of people in developing countries don’t have the same knowledge and opportunities as ‘westerners’. However, I also believe that sending money or other kinds of aid is not the best solution to help people. The focus should be on education and on giving people the tools to ‘do it themselves’. In 2008 I focused on this first issue of development. With the organisation travel to teach I taught English in both Indonesia (Bali) and Thailand (NongKhai). In September 2010 I started with the Global Trade Project and later changed the name to Global Talent Project to focus on the second way of development: giving people the opportunities to grow.

So, yeah yeah, you are travelling the world for ‘others’, right? No, I can’t say that I do. Like most, I am just looking for something of which I am passionate. I do this project because it makes me feel good. It is as much an experiment to earn a living while doing the thing I love, as it is my way of trying to contribute to a better world. My theory is that if the idea is good enough, it will start making money by itself. So far, my bank account is slowly dripping empty. No worries!

If you have any knowledge of talent around the world, be sure to contact me and point me in the right direction.

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