The Global Talent Project (GTP, formerly known as Global Trade Project) aims to give a digital stage and global market to talented artists around the world.

Goals of the project

  • Firstly, to promote talented artists and give them a chance to market their products globally and discover their potential on a global level;
  • Secondly, it is an attempt to get fair trade going in a direct way between artist and customer; and
  • Thirdly, to inspire people with all the different beautiful products that are made around the world and show that everybody can travel to trade while contributing to promote talent.

What are the advantages?

  • Talented artists and handicrafts-men will get an international market with the help of travellers and visitors of the website.
  • For the artist, it’s fun, it’s acknowledgement, and it is at the same time a small market research on the Internet, with the goal that they will get to know the potential of the Internet and will use it in the future.
  • Talent that is discovered and presented on the Global Talent Project will get the opportunity to use the blog and video for their own further promotion.
  • Customers can now see from whom they are buying a special product, that this product is made in an honest and fair way and where their money is going.
  • No overhead costs (business establishment, consultants, advertisements, etc.) and more money for the artists.
  • A big audience in a short time through social media. Talented artists with a special product will get more ‘hits’ than others.
  • Investors are also viewing the videos and might decide to invest in a product and its maker.

What is the ideal?
The GTP lays a foundation to create a global network of talented artists of all calibre and with different types of expression to make fair trade possible directly between artist and customer. Furthermore it paves the way for other travellers that want to combine their passion (travelling) with their ideals to contribute in developing the places and people they visit (for more: read ‘What is the Global Trade Project?‘).

Talent has to be Discovered
The pay-off: “Talent has to be discovered” refers firstly to the unique position of the western traveller. They have the means and the knowledge to promote the artist by making photo’s or a small video (everybody can do it with their digital cameras) and putting it online for people to see. Plus they have the network of potential buyers in their home country. The Global Talent Project aims to prove that now everybody can travel to trade and contribute to a world that is more fair.

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