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Love and Meditation – Udaipur, India
If you’ve ever seen the James Bond movie Octopussy, you might have seen glimpses of the beauty that is Udaipur. After the dry and harsh surroundings of Rajasthan’s North and West, Udaipur seams an unreal setting where fairytailes must take place. Not surprisingly, it is known as one of the most romantic cities in India. Sharmila Rathore’s art invokes the ‘Udaipur-feeling’!
Troubadours of the desert – Jaisalmer, India

Life in the desert is no pick-nick. At least, not if you’re not prepared for it. Like in early European days, the knowledge and news in the Thar desert where passed on by nomadic musicians. For instance, if there would have been a song about it, I might have been saved from excruciating bottom-misery after three days of sitting on the back of a camel. Artist hotel is a place in Jaisalmer that still cares about this very interesting cultural heritage and the people that perform!

Handmade Kashmir-shawls – Kashmir, India

It was quite a search. My self-given mission in Kashmir was to find a totally independent women’s group that make their own Kashmir-shawls. Nobody could or would help me. Eventually, as kind of a last resort, I decided to brake through the barriers of Srinagar’s highly protected local television station to tell my story to its director. She decided not only to help me, but to send an entire film-crew along with me! Mission accomplished.

Sikh upcoming artist – Amritsar, India

According to Kps Gill, all people are the same. I totally agree, were it not that Kps himselve stands out. It takes a lot of guts to change your ways and try to make your living with your passion. As an experiment, Kps decided to take the first steps into the world of art in Amritsar. His first exhibition has been already and seeing some of his paintings, one can only hope that more will follow!

Female buddhist sculpturist in Ladakh – Leh, India

My guidebook prepared me for a very emancipated region in India, but when I arrived during the annual festival in Leh, the activities seemed rather masculine to me. Still, my search for female talent proved successful when I met Dechen Dolma. She makes beautiful Buddhist sculptures in spite of what some of her surroundings think about it. You go Dechen!

Tibetan opera in exile – Dharamsala, India

Tibet was closed, so I headed to the nearest alternative in exile: MacLeod Ganj, next to Dharamsala in India. It was a very interesting experience, not in the least made more interesting by my monkeys-in-the-mist encounters. What impressed me the most however is the story of Tibet and the unsure future of its cultural expressions. When I went to the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts I found one of the reasons why Tibetan culture needs preservation.

Drama in India with Rudradeep Chakrabarti – Delhi

Rudradeep is not one of the usual suspects you might expect on the Global Talent Project, but he has creative talent nonetheless! I was first drawn to the sketches he uses to prepare his plays, but quickly found out that this is only half the story. In the stage that is India, Rudradeep knows his way around instinctively!

Representing Nepal – Kathmandu

Artists have a very important role in representing a country. But sometimes this representation is somewhat obvious. Nepal is more than only a country where Buddha was born, or the Mount Everest can be climbed. It’s in itself an art to represent Nepal without using these traditional clichés, but Prabin Karki has an extra edge. By travelling through the region extensively, he understands better than anyone what it is that makes Nepal special. Because of this, Prabin might be one of the best Nepal ambassadors out there!

A moment of life – Kathmandu in Nepal

Madan Shrestha is only 22 years and still in an experimental faze of his art-career. It is already clear however, that his career will be an interesting one. His fascination is concentrated mainly on the link between Nepalese nature and culture. In his first solo-exhibition his focus was on the moments of life that make Nepal such a remarkable country!

Invoking the ‘Balinese feeling’ – Ubud in Bali

Made Rajig’s art-shop stood out in a vast amount of competition. His realist paintings of flora and fauna are of superb quality and he guides his talented friends along to create paintings that will make the viewer feel part of it. If life in Bali can be felt in a single feeling, Made’s art will surely do the trick to make you feel it!

Balinese epic imagination on canvas – Ubud in Bali

Wow. Dewa Ketut sure made an impression on me. Not only is he a very gifted painter, he also knows how to put his imagination on canvas. With Bali’s rich culture and epic stories, this results in some amazing paintings. It will be interesting to see how Dewa progresses in the years to come!

Traditional Keliki-style paintings – Keliki village in Bali

Balinese mystical culture is under thread by mass-tourism. Fortunately there are people like Iwayan, who use their talent to keep traditions alive, even for generations to come. Check out these hair-thin detailed Balinese paintings!

Light-weaver in stone and paint – Christchurch in New Zealand

It will take more than an earthquake (or 100) to get rid of Ruth Killoran! And that’s just for the better. Ruth only recently started her work as a sculpturist and painter, but her talent is profound. Although the earthquakes also had a big impact on Ruth’s world, she proves resilient with more energy than ever!

Surrealist art on a surreal island – Moorea in Polynesia

Jean-Luc Bousquet is of French origin, but made a living for himself on the volcanic island of Moorea (next to Tahiti). His art is all about the subject, but with a surrealist twist that can leave you staring at his work for hours. The beauty of this island is only surpassed by the beauty of his paintings. Let Bousquet inspire you!

Easter Island’s woodcraft and music – Chili

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, is a magical place. So small and so remote, but with a cultural heritage of multiple empires. Its history is as mysterious as it is tragic, but the Rapa Nuins have prevailed and are outing their cultural heritage with a fierce pride. Maori Tupuna is a group that still performs the traditional rituals and Mike shows that his talent extends to wood-crafting as well.

Valparaiso art – Chili

Mario Celedón sure left his mark on the streets of Valparaiso. Ferrari street leading up to house ‘Sebastian’ is filled with wallpaintings from his hand. Be sure to check it out once you’re there, or order your very own ‘Celedón’ now via the GTP!

Woolcraft in Chinchero – Peru (near Cusco)

These ladies that I visited in Chinchero still show how woolproducts are handmade in parts of Peru. Their location is spectacular, close to many ancient Inca-ruins and their handmade products are typical from the Andes. Whenever you visit Cusco, be sure to pay them a visit!

Carlos and Federico, art gallery Quipus – Otavalo, Ecuador

Peruvian talent in Ecuador makes for excellent paintings. With years of experience the brothers of Quipus can make almost any art-painting. This will look good on any wall, anywhere!

Marcelo, wool jumpers – Otavalo, Ecuador

Handmade wool-jumpers from Ecuador will keep you warm even in the highest of Andes. Marcelo and his workshop stands for excellent quality without the itchiness. They’re awesome!!

Memo and Janneth, lamps and jewellery – Salento, Colombia

This time I stumbled upon an entire art-village in beautiful Salento in the middle of Colombia. The natural lamps from Memo and the beautiful unique glass/kristal-jewellery from Janneth are perfect examples of what this special community has to offer!

Carmen, Wayú handbags – Santa Marta, Colombia

The Wayú are a fierce and proud indigenous people of Colombia. In the video, Carmen from Santa Marta shows precisely why. At the same time this explains the source of the bag-mania in North-Colombia (not the reason though, I’ld like to leave that for someone else to find out…).

Pablo Gonzalez Salazar – Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Coconut jewellery artist and musician. Check out his great music which keeps on cracking me up, any time! Gonzalez got very gifted in making coconut art. Next to the ones that where sold via the GTP, he also makes unique jewellery (visible in the video), that might be more to your taste. Gonzales rocks.

Patricia Jimenez – Monteverde, Costa Rica

Placemets from Costa Rica, made by artist, poetrist and activist Patricia. Her placemets where sold via the GTP, but she has a lot more up her sleeve. With CASEM, she supports women like herself, that want to express themselves and make their own living while working from their own home. This really is a remarkable artist that operates under the wings of CASEM, which ensures even more safe en secure fair trade.

Edison Diaz and Rosa Gorea – Ometepe, Nicaragua

Natural jewellery from the mystical island Ometepe. Edison makes the jewellery and Rosa sells it. Together they make a great couple who’ll help to make you shine!

Josue Hernandez – Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala

With his typical and unique style, Hernandez stands out from the crowd. His art represents the class struggle in Central America.  Being part of a younger generation of painters, Josue is a promising talent in the Guatemalan art scene.

Utzil – Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala

Ofelia Sàenz guides us around in doll-workshop Utzil, an interesting place where her staff (mostly women, two mutes) show the special craft of doll making. With an abundance of national dresses in Guatemala, there is no shortage of inspiration. If you want dolls in your own national dress, it’s just a matter of asking!

Domingo Yojcom Coche – San Pedro, Guatemala

Domingo is a very gifted painter that can virtually make anything he sets his mind to. Especially his cubistic style drew my attention. As he is currently working on setting up a hostel in this picturesque place, it might take a while for you to get your painting, but once it’s hanging on your wall for the rest of your life, you know it was worth the waiting. Domingo breaths talent!

Sergio Alvarado – Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala

Alvarado is a star on the rise in tranquilo Salcajá near Xela. In his house located on the outskirts of the village, he gets plenty of inspiration for his work based mostly on the Guatemalan culture and country side. Combined with a profound study of European artists, this makes Alvarado’s work unique.

Tony Perifity – Belize city, Belize

Wood sculptures as you most probably have never seen before. Tony uses mostly seracoty wood, a wood that can endure a very long time before it returns to dust. The art that Tony makes varies in form and size, but it will always impress the viewer. Tony might not rock, but he certainly woods!

Baron Neal – Santa Elena, Belize

Born in 1989, Baron is one of the younger creative talented artists featured on the GTP. But he is certainly not the least. He uses dead butterflies which he is allowed to collect in a nearby butterfly farm and creates beautiful art from it. Via the GTP he sold 3 pieces of butterfly art and judging by his creativity of his work, I think it won’t be the last!

Munnharpe from Bjorgulv Straume Bjorgulv Straume – Valle (Setesdal), Norway

Being the testcase of the GTP, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to use the material I was going to shoot, but when I heard him play on his munnharpe, I was sold. Since then, customers keep on ordering this special instrument from all over the world, making this one of the bigger success-stories of the GTP.

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