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YouTube Preview Image Kutumba – Kathmandu in Nepal

Ok, ok, so this Nepalese band of talent has long since been discovered in Nepal. And yes, they also tour the world with their typical Nepalese music. Still, if you have not yet heard of them, be sure to check out this video. They consider music to be the world-language through which any connection can be made. After visiting them, jamming with an Indian singer, I quite agree!

YouTube Preview Image Yudha and Hummer – Ubud in Bali

Though he claims not to be a professional, Yudha certainly made an impression when I heard him free-jamming in a Balinese restaurant. Hummer (originally from Japan) provides the music support. They told me that they might record a CD in the future, so if you like their style, be sure to let them know by leaving a comment!

Coming Ceremonial Gambalang performance – Keliki in Bali

The recording of the Keliki ceremonial gambalang music took me by surprise. Iwayan had invited me to a ceremony where he said he also had to play some music. While I was filming the local holy men, Iwayan and his band of gambalangers drew my attention.

Coming Comang and the staff from Swasti cottage – Ubud in Bali

Extreme fun would describe this local performance from Komang and his staff from Swasti cottage. I chose to visit them because of a small add in a a local magazine. Good Karma! Komang didn’t hesitate to round up the staff and show me how they spend their days in this place of tranquillity. Bagus!

Coming Maori cultural performance – Rotorua in New Zealand

Granted. It is a ceremony merely there for hordes of tourists, but still, in Rotorua they put on quite an impressive show!

Coming Musicians – Moorea in Polynesia

On Polynesia public transport doens’t come cheap or regular. I thus set on my way hitch-hiking around Moorea. Turns out there are some really friendly people on Moorea. Moreover, an exceptionally large percentage that took me along was working at the local Hilton. Each of them said the same: Hilton’s local band rocks. After some searching I found them and – yeeha caramba! – I can only agree!

YouTube Preview Image Maori Tupuna – Rapa Nui/Easter Island, Chili

In this case both the artist as the musician are one and the same. Thus also the video. Mike Pate Haoa has his own show with Maori Tupuna. Many of my fellow travellers on the island told me to go there, but only when it was already too late and I had to settle for making this video on the morning that I left the island. I’ll have to come back some day!

YouTube Preview Image Francesco “Kevin” Jeraldo – Valparaiso in Chili

By pure chance I met Kevin walking in his troubadour outfit through the streets of Valparaiso with a guitar. I figured this guy must know his stuff and so he did. There is no better musician that can summon the Valparaiso-feeling better than Kevin! Song 2

YouTube Preview Image Hiroyuki Akimoto (group: Anata Bolivia) – La Paz in Bolivia

Searching for talent means sometimes just randomly asking around. When I saw Hiroyuki sitting in his guitar shop I first walked passed, but 10 meters later decided to give it a go. When I explained what I was looking for he told me I came to right place. When he began to play I knew he was right. Awesomeness! Song 2

Coming Birak Churo – Otavalo in Ecuador

Andes energie. The best there is! Whenever you find yourself in or around Otavalo be sure to wander through the streets around or just after dinner and you might be lucky enough to find this band playing in one of Otavalo’s friendly restaurants. They rock the Andes rock! Song 2

YouTube Preview Image Rolando Sanchez and son Felipe – Taganga in Colombia

This turned out to be one of the best watched video of my whole trip so far. And for a reason. Buena Vista’s Chan Chan in a very original jacket! Rolando and ‘Don Pipe’ rule in Taganga! Song 2

YouTube Preview Image Ven Fresca from Argentina – recorded in Taganga, Colombia

Ven Fresca has a very original sound and consists of a group fiery Argentinians. I met them while they were attracting a crowd on the Taganga beach just after sunset. Para Holanda!

YouTube Preview Image Pablo González Salazar- Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

While he was working on his coconut art, Pablo casually mentioned that he played guitar as well. Naturally I asked him to give a performance! I already knew I wanted the GTP to be about music as well, but it was Pablo that made me realise I’d better add it sooner than later… Hoy ceremos celebrar!

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