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Drama in India – Rudradeep Chakrabarti


The GTP has been dangling on a very thin rope this last month. Or maybe not the project as such, but more the technical expression of it. It’s not that surprising, considdering that I myself almost got a system overload going through some of the beautiful, mindblowing areas of this country. But where my brain only just could process the information, my laptop wouldn’t take it anymore and decided to block the Indian world and me out from its most inner files. Fortunately, a local geek was able to breath life in my heavy companion once more and I could refresh most of its memmory. A memmory that was already full of what one could call ‘the beat of India’. Being in this country has not given me a single boring day. On the contrary. With millions of people, it is sometimes difficult to find the time and the place to be with your own thoughts. India seems to be the stage for a never ending play. One scetch even more bisar than the last.

The first talent to turn the spotlight on, not surprisingly, is therefore not the usual GTP-suspect, but a creative talent nonetheless. Meet stage director Rudradeep and let his words and his world inspire you.

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Music by Ustad Hanif and two of his students from the ‘Delhi Music Emprium’ in Changspa, Delhi. Their video can be found here.

Although Rudradeep is a gifted ‘scatcher’, which he does sometimes to prepare for his plays, he has learned to trust on his instincts and let his plays form while he works on them. Therefore, none of his creative work can be purchased. He is a talented upcoming stage-directer nonetheless and for any kind of information on Indian performing arts, Rudradeep is the guy to talk to and learn from. Contact the GTP to get in contact with Rudradeep!

Rudradep Chakrabarti
Rudradep Chakrabarti
Rudradep Chakrabarti
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